Hacking Giveaways, Contests, and Polls for Fun and Profit! presented at GrrCon 2013

by Matthew ‘mandat0ry’ Bryant,

Summary : This presentation is about the wonders of hacking giveaways and polls and how it might be a lot easier than you might think. Almost all of the popular anti-bot measures used today to keep services from being abused are ineffective! See many large companies give out much more free product than they ever intended and how even those who aren’t computer “magicians” can find themselves winning it big. Many real world examples are given and you’ll be astounded at just how easy winning can be. We’ll be covering things such as beating CAPTCHAs, simulating thousands of undetectable entries, and how you can win a contest from your desk at home.
At the very least this talk will leave you inspired to “investigate” giveaways on your own. Congratulations on winning that random drawing again! What’s your secret? Winning yourself a car never seemed so easy!