Every time I load your app… God kills a kitten presented at GrrCon 2013

by Matthew Sjoerdsma, Alex Chaveriat,

Summary : This talk is for those who want to advance from a builder to a hacker. What a programmer sees and what a hacker sees is often different. That is because programmers and hackers have different goals when exploring software.
While a programmer is trying to get the software to work, the hacker is trying to find ways of manipulating the programmer’s hard work to make the application work how he wants it to. For the programmer, this methodology produces working apps that fail time and time again. We will be leveraging examples from software, biometrics hardware, and physical security that kill kittens (well…) by showing this as “what does an engineer see?” versus “what does a hacker see?”
Includes live demos – Unreal Tournament, enterprise application, biometrics devices, & more!