Building Risk Visibility into Your Firewall Management Process presented at GrrCon 2013

by Matt Dean,

Summary : Firewall deployments in large organizations can easily get out of control – and become rife with unnecessary risk. Inappropriate access is granted readily. Constant change complicates policy implementation. A real-time, enterprise-wide picture of network security posture is a distant dream.
Only by automating tedious manual processes at the operations, management and compliance levels of the organization can security teams regain control and better protect their information. This requires consolidated, real-time data of the security infrastructure and a scalable, distributed solution that provides fast, flexible analysis and reporting.
This presentation provides pragmatic advice on new technologies that will put hours back into each day, including how to:
- Visualize the overall risk posture so management can understand security effectiveness
- Simplify operations by understand security device configurations of multiple firewall vendors
- Continuously monitor critical data to ensure compliance daily, not annually
- Tune discovered access paths to reachable, vulnerable assets so patching is not needed