Human Honeypots: Social Engineering, Sexploitation, and Cyber Espionage presented at BSidesDC 2013

by Kenneth Geers, James C. Foster,

Summary : SEX is the world’s oldest profession. And according to the Bible, ESPIONAGE is the second. In the Internet era, not that much has changed: old-fashioned social engineering via sexual enticement still works. Imagine Pussy Galore on Facebook.

This presentation reveals that Human Honeypots (with either real people or real robots behind them) are an increasing danger in the newest cyber threat environment: social media. The authors have analyzed millions of exclusive, real-time, real-world data sets from over 250 social media platforms, and discovered a wide range of targeted cyber attacks that use beauty, love, romance, and sex as weapons.

This talk gives professional cyber defenders (and average Internet users) enormous insight into the steamy strategies of today’s foreign intelligence agencies (a.k.a. cyber spies), to include their goals, tactics, and sometimes even their true identities. This talk will scare the pants off you - hopefully before Agent Triple X does!