Presentation title: Using Robots to Fight Bad Guys presented at BsidesDFW2013 2013

by Scott Roberts,

Summary : While Terminators, Cylons, and Wall-E may eventually control the world with humanity destroyed or their pets we can still get a lot of use out of them until then. Hubot is an open source multi-service chat bot built for finding cat pictures and deploying servers as a part of GitHub's DevOps workflow.
This workflow is meant to enable fast response, collaboration, and use of cutting edge techniques in operations, but he can also help with incident response, reverse engineering, OSINT, and other computer network defense tasks. For this we created Hubot Variable Threat Response to let us use Hubot to collaborate on security operations. You'll learn how to use Hubot for devops and security, how to build commands with CoffeeScript, and basically how to build your own personal robot for fighting bad guys.
And finding cat pictures. Man is he good at cat pictures.