Defending Against Targeted Attacks Using Duck Tape, Popsicle Sticks And Legos presented at ShmooCon 2011

by Richard Rushing,

Tags: Security


Summary : Targeted attacks are now focus at all levels of organization, industry, people, technology, or third parties; they are stealing anything of value. Many companies spend six and seven figures a year to support defending against these organizations. But many organizations, do not have the budget, manpower, or feel the need. This presentation is about how to do this using something that you have, in house, or what you can use from open source to start defending yourself. The MacGyver approach, while not the simplest approach, it allows for this to be successful, in finding the attacks, the command and control, the trends and allows you to stay almost on par with the attacking groups. You can adapt and change approaches, without relying on a single solution or technology. We will look at Logging, of what is valuable and what is useless crap. Giving up on high-ground and focus on what you can control. Looking at target groups (Email, Drive-by, Phishing, Stalking). How best to determine and respond to the attacks. The how and why inside an organization, and how and what to track. We don't have millions to spend and money is not the answer, Not perfect but better.

Richard Rushing: Mr. Richard Rushing is the Senior Director of Information Security for Motorola. He has been implementing security solutions for the last twenty years at Enterprises around the world. At Motorola he has lead the security effort in protection of intellectual property. As a founder and Chief Security Officer for AirDefense, Richard has address wireless security as it affects the enterprise, and is viewed as a leading wireless security expert and has written several white papers and articles on wireless security. A much-in-demand speaker on information security, Richard has presented at many leading security conferences and seminars around the world.