Enabling consumerisation: Managing user-owned devices presented at 44Con 2011

by Matt Adams,

Summary : The launch of the original iPhone in 2007 heralded the arrival of a wave of smartphone devices that, four years later, are now approaching the performance and functionality capabilities of basic laptop machines. Many consumers who initially bought smartphones and tablets for personal media consumption have quickly realised they are also useful for work. This has led to an increase in employees asking their employers to support mobile devices, including allowing them access to the enterprise network. If employers are unable or unwilling to allow such access, then technology savvy individuals will often find a way to circumvent enterprise security controls and connect their devices, regardless of policy.
Consumerisation is the increasing trend where users, rather than corporate IT departments, decide which devices, applications, and services a business will use to achieve its objectives. Embracing the use of consumer devices can help businesses to improve productivity, reduce costs and gain a competitive edge; however, it also raises new set of challenges for management to respond to.
This talk will examine the latest developments in consumerisation, including the key issues facing management, the technical solutions available to manage consumer devices, and the steps that organisations can take to embrace consumerisation whilst minimising risks to personal and commercially sensitive data.