Know thy Enemy: deconstructing a multi-billion message spam attack & the criminals behind it presented at AUScert 2007

by Patrick Peterson,

Summary : Know thy enemy Sun Tzu. This presentation dissects the enemy's attack and supporting command and control infrastructure. All aspects of a multi-billion pharmaceutical spam message attack is analyzed. This includes the 100,000 spam-sending zombies, thousands of spam content mutations, 1500 domain names used in spam, compromised hosts used to anonymize the pharma websites and the criminal's supply chain infrastructure including the overseas pharmaceutical manufacturing plant.
This presentation will full dissect every aspect of the attack outlined above. This will be accomplished by providing vivid illustrations of each technique with real world examples. Examples of tools used to carry out such attacks will also be presented. The presentation will culminate in demonstrating that a single actor is behind the the attack. The delivery strategy will be to take each aspect of the attack and demonstrate in detail the actual techniques used for each of these aspects.
The intended audience is IT professionals who are exposed to modern online threats. While the presentation focuses on a spam attack, the techniques are also used in virus attacks, phishing and web-based malware dropping. The audience will gain a deep understanding of the criminal techniques and insight in how to evaluate solutions holistically to protect their enterprise.