Brave New World: Combined Public-Private Sector Disaster Response Exercises presented at AUScert 2007

by Jeff Wright,

Summary : Companies routinely conduct business continuity exercises and tests in order to ensure critical business functions in the face of disaster and meet regulatory requirements. Government also regularly conduct emergency management and disaster response simulations and exercises to rehearse standard operating procedures and first responders.
But in today's highly integrated environment, risk does not reside just in the public or private sector. With increased reliance on IT systems and infrastructure interdependencies that are only now beginning to be understood, the stovepipes between public and private sectors continues to shrink. So too must the levels of coordination and collaboration dramatically increase in order to prevent, protect, respond and recovery from all hazards across government and within the private sector. But progress requires more than discussion and planning. In order to create a more collaborative environment with real response and recovery capabilities that are able to function across the board, all parties must exercise together - from service providers and critical infrastructure owners/operators, to government at all levels.
This presentation will examine the issues of conducting combined public-private disaster response exercises and provide an update on how the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is working with governments, domestically and internationally, and the private sector to move disaster response exercises to a new level of cooperation.