Web 2.0 - Securing the Brave New World presented at AUScert 2007

by Mary Ann Davidson,

Summary : The advent of Web 2.0 represents the mainstreaming of collaborative computing. The old fortified, bastion model of information, with its attendant portcullises and gatekeepers - both individuals and technical guard dogs - has largely been replaced by a wide open "information campground" in which information is heavily disbursed into multiple "tents" instead of a single castle, tents that are erected and disassembled rapidly and flexibly. Data is no longer constrained by locale, device or, to some degree, individual. As such, Web 2.0 has important implications for security. To what extent does Web 2.0 pose new security challenges, and to what extent does Web 2.0 comprise the same old threats with a new bunch of protocols and products? And what are the non-technical - but critical - security implications of Web 2.0? How must Web 2.0 evolve to enable flexible, collaborative associations without cyberanarchy?