Database security presented at AUScert 2007

by David Litchfield, Ron Brandis, Wade Alcorn,

Summary : NGSSoftware will present a tutorial for experts in Database and Web Application Security. The content will focus on advanced concepts in penetrating various tiers of a system's architecture. Professional and up to date attack techniques for MySQL, Oracle and MSSQL will be covered during this one day tutorial. NGSSoftware is the world leader in Database security, having published the Oracle Hacker's Handbook (Wiley), the Database Hacker's Handbook (Wiley), the Shellcoder's Handbook (Wiley), Special Ops (Syngress) and SQL Server Security (Osbourne-McGrawhill).
Attendees of this tutorial will be presented with cutting edge professional techniques in accessing system security. It is advisable that participants have a solid understanding of the technologies and the standard security issues surrounding them.