Evolving Threat Landscape, Building a Layered E-mail Security Defence presented at AUScert 2007

by Richard Cullen,

Summary : Dr Richard Cullen is a well respected expert and trusted advisor in the security industry. In his presentation, Dr Cullen will give an informative overview of the current threat landscape then delve into the key and emerging threats targeting businesses of all sizes today and what we can expect in the near future.
Based on those emerging complex threats, Dr Cullen will then introduce the concept of building a layered approach to e-mail security and help you answer:
How do I protect my organisation against these emerging complex threats?
What are the options, where to deploy and key strengths of each option?
What are the factors that determine the best deployment solution?
Dr Cullen will then give real-world scenarios illustrating how companies today are using the layered approach to meet their security and regulatory requirements for secure messaging