Threat Management: A New Frontier presented at AUScert 2007

by David Rand,

Summary : There are two main channels cyber criminals are targeting today - the Web and Email. Of these threat vectors the greatest growth has been seen around Web based threats.
Motivated by the lure of profits from the sale of stolen confidential information, cyber criminals today are using the Web as the medium for their malicious activities. Characterised by blended techniques, an explosion of variants and targeted regional attacks, Web threats pose a broad range of potential costs, including identity theft, loss of business confidential information, damaged brand reputation and erosion of consumer confidence in Web commerce. Meanwhile, organisations remain dependent on email as their primary communications channel; threats delivered by email continue to grow at an alarming rate. Not only are there a greater number of these threats than ever before, attacks and techniques utilising both Web and email mechanisms are being combined to enhance their impact.
Mr Dave Rand will be presenting how savvy organisations are minimising threats to their critical communications infrastructure by using interwoven layers of protection that spread throughout the network. Layered protection strategies guard against combinations of internal and external threats, including spam, phishing, viruses, and other malware, as well as bulk mail attacks and threats to data security. With Web threats traditional means do not provide adequate protection from threats, and no single method or technology will improve this situation. Dave will be discussing these new paradigms in Web threat technology; how they function, their impact and explaining why traditional methods fail to protect against these threats, as well as describing the characteristics of the new approach that is needed.