Assurance 'Hands On' Wireless Services Auditing presented at AUScert 2009

by Neal Wise, Oliver Greiter,

Summary : Assurance 'Hands On' Wireless Services Auditing
The intention of the tutorial is to equip attendees with an understanding of conventional wireless technologies (802.11a/b/g/n, Bluetooth), their current risks and how to defend and provision secure wireless services. Attendees will be given familiarity with common wireless security tools and the opportunity to actively and passive “attack” and defend real wireless networks. Attendees will also learn about wireless solution control design. The tutorial will share the experience Assurance has gained over the years in conducting wireless service security audits in critical infrastructure, manufacturing, logistics and education.
The tutorial will be conducted as a “hands on” tutorial. Based on previous experience the presenters have found that attendees gain more from a tutorial when there’s a high degree of participation.
Attendees will need to bring a notebook PC (Intel or Macintosh). Effective wireless assessment requires use of specific technology. Some wireless cards aren’t fit for the purpose of sensitive reception required for assessment. Attendees will either use their existing wireless card in their notebook (if supported) or will be provided with a “loaner” wireless card or USB device. Bluetooth client adapter equipment will also be made available where an attendee’s technology doesn’t suffice.
Attendees will also be provided with Assurance’s custom “run from CDROM” Linux Intel environment containing tools (some from Assurance – some from 3rd parties) for
Detecting 802.11 and Bluetooth wireless services
Locating the source of those services
Passive 802.11 “attack” tools – those which operate solely by capturing wireless traffic “in the air”
Active 802.11 “attack” tools – those which operate by interacting with the target wireless network
Reporting your results effectively and tools for plotting and mapping your results