Is Disaster Recovery Dead? presented at AUScert 2009

by Alex Serrano,

Summary : Since 2000 there has been a progressive but marked shift away from traditional disaster recovery and towards IT resilience and service continuity solutions. Over the same period, organisations have been under increasing pressure to provide high levels of performance and service in an increasingly turbulent and unpredictable world. Despite this fact, and despite periods of increased focus following the catastrophic events of September 11 and the emergent influenza pandemic threat, real levels of investment in BCM have remained static or gone backwards across organisations in many sectors. Executives are focused as never before on corporate risks, but they are losing faith in traditional approaches to IT disaster recovery and business continuity. However, it is increasingly understood that by creating IT systems and business processes that resist failure more effectively, it is possible to avoid implementing expensive traditional disaster recovery solutions and business resumption planning. The intended audience for this presentation includes: IT Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Professionals; C-suite executives; technology consultants, business management, risk management professionals. Key learnings:- why Disaster Recovery is transforming into high availability and service continuity- what organisational resilience is, why it is increasingly important, and how it is transforming DRP and BCM- how organisations can exploit new technologies and approaches to streamline the disaster recovery effort and implement increased reslience while constraining costs- how BCM and DR professionals can 'stay relevant' in increasingly challenging environment and meet the changing expectations of executive leadership.