Identifying Security Risks of Smart Meters and an Advanced Metering Infrastructure presented at AUScert 2009

by Gabriel D'eustachio,

Summary : The adaptation of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) will greatly improve the efficiency, functionality and robustness of the Australian electric supply networks. This technology is relatively new and in many aspects does not have the level of maturity that is desired for a key component of critical infrastructure. Implementing an AMI introduces numerous potential security risks to the utility and the power distribution network. These risks must be identified as early as possible, and security controls must be in-built to the AMI from the very beginning. This presentation will review the inherent security risks of different aspects of an AMI, and will examine potential controls that can mitigate these risks. As an AMI is essentially a large, multi-platform network, the identification and mitigation of security risks is crucial to implementing a secure architecture. This presentation is intended for anyone who is interested in a new, emerging technology that will soon be implemented across Australia. It will be of particular interest to utilities and critical infrastructure providers, but will be presented at a level that is readily approachable for those interested in an interesting new technology.