RFID Security presented at BlackHatAbuDhabi 2010

by Adam ( Major Malfunction ) Laurie,

Summary : RFID is being heralded as the answer to many security problems, such as access control, vending, biometric identification etc., etc., but how effective is it really? In particular, the world is moving towards heavier reliance on this technology for international travel controls, specifically in e-passports and e-borders. In a recent case, 'cloned' UK passports were used by foreign intelligence agents to gain access to another country for the purpose of carrying out an assassination. How effective would e-passports have been in preventing this kind of misuse? This talk will look at the details of the ICAO 9303 Machine Readable Travel Document standard, and discuss what safeguards and improvements it provides, and whether they would have been of any benefit in this case.