Evolution of iOS Data Protection and iPhone Forensics: from iPhoneOS to iOS 5 presented at BlackHatAbuDhabi 2011

by Dmitry Sklyarov, Andrey Belenko,

URL : https://media.blackhat.com/bh-ad-11/Belenko/bh-ad-11-Belenko-iOS_Data_Protection.pdf

Summary : iOS 5 is the latest and most advanced mobile OS from Apple. Besides tweaking UI and UX, Apple has made some changes to Data Protection mechanisms that were introduced in iOS 4. Those changes provide better security for users, but they also impose additional hurdles for mobile phone forensic process.
This talk will provide detailed discussion of iOS Data Protection, focusing on both technical description of defenses and on circumventing certain protections to provide forensic access to the data stored on the iOS devices. iOS versions from iOS 3 (iPhoneOS 3) to iOS 5 will be covered.