Phase II - 2nd Generation Honeynet Technologies presented at BlackHatAsia 2002

by Jay Beale,

Summary : Honeynets are a sophisticated type of honeypot used to gather information on the enemy. The Honeynet Project has made extensive advances in Honeynet technologies, what we call GenII systems. These technologies are easier to deploy, harder to detect, and capture
greater levels of information. The Project will discuss in detail how these technologies work, examples of deployments, and our findings. We will also discuss the Honeynet Research Alliance, an organization of Honeynets distributed around the world.
We will also be covering the Reverse Challenge and the binary in question.
We will conclude our presentation with a discussion panel. You will have the chance to ask Honeynet members question about Honeynets, how they work, their value, their findings, and the blackhat community in general.