Fuzzing Sucks (Or Fuzz Like You Mean It) presented at BlackHatAsia 2007

by Pedram Amini, Aaron Portnoy,

Summary : Face it, fuzzing sucks. Even the most expensive commercial fuzzing suites leave much to be desired by way of automation. Perhaps the reason for this is that even the most rudimentary fuzzers are surprisingly effective. None the less, if you are serious about fuzz testing in as much a scientific process as possible than you have no doubt been disappointed with the current state of affairs. Until now.
This talk is about Sulley. An open source, freely available, full featured and extensible fuzzing framework being released at Black Hat US 2007. Modern day fuzzers are, for the most part, solely focused on data generation. Sulley does this better and more. Sulley watches the network and methodically maintains records. Sulley instruments and monitors the health of the target, capable of reverting to a good state using multiple methods. Sulley detects, tracks and categorizes detected faults. Sulley can fuzz in parallel, significantly increasing test speed. Sulley can automatically determine what unique sequence of test cases trigger faults. Sulley does all this, and more, automatically and without attendance.