Greetz from Room 101 presented at BlackHatAsia 2007

by Kenneth Geers,

Summary : Imagine you are king for a day. Enemies are all around you, and they seem to be using the Internet to plot against you. Using real-world cyber war stories from the most tightly controlled nations on Earth, Greetz from Room 101 puts you in the shoes of a king who must defend the royal palace against cyber-equipped revolutionaries. Can a monarch buy cyber security? Are his trusty henchmen smart enough to learn network protocol analysis? Could a cyber attack lead to a real-life government overthrow? Ten case studies reveal the answers. Which countries have the Top Ten most Orwellian computer networks? Come to the talk and find out.
Now imagine that your name is Winston Smith, and that you live in a place called 1984. You don't trust the government, and you don't trust the evening news. You can't send your girlfriend an email because you think that the Thought Police will get it first. Greetz from Room 101 details what Web surfing, email, blogging, and connections to the outside world are like for the half of our planet's population who enjoy little to no freedom online, in places where network security battles can mean life or death. Last but not least, the Black Hat audience will hear about the future of cyber control, and the future of cyber resistance.