The Three Truths of Computer Security. presented at BlackHatAsia 2001

by Bruce Schneier,

Summary : Internationally renowned security technologist and author Bruce Schneier is both a Founder and the Chief Technical Officer of Counterpane Internet Security, Inc. He established the Company with Tom Rowley to address the critical need for increased levels of security services. Schneier is responsible for maintaining the Company's technical lead in world class information security technology and its practical and effective implementation. Schneier's successful tenure leading Counterpane Systems make him uniquely qualified to shape the direction of the company's research endeavors, as well as to act as a spokesperson to the business community on e-commerce issues and solutions.
While president of Counterpane Systems, Schneier designed and analyzed hardware and software cryptographic systems, advised sophisticated clients on products and markets, and taught technical as well as business courses related to the field of cryptography. Concerns as diverse as Microsoft, the National Security Agency, Citibank, and the White House staff have all relied upon Schneier's unique expertise. In addition, Schneier designed the Blowfish algorithm, which remains unbroken after eight years of cryptanalysis. And Schneier's Twofish is among a small number of algorithms currently being considered by the National Institute of Standards and Technology for the advanced encryption standard (AES) to replace the current data encryption standard (DES).