WORKSHOP - Cyber-attacks to SAP platforms: The Insider Threat presented at BlackHatDC 2011

by Mariano Croce, Jordan Santarsieri,

Summary : How would a malicious insider exploit vulnerabilities in your SAP environment to get hold of your most sensitive business data? Which are the chances of him being successful? What can you do to stop him? If you are looking for answers to these questions, you should consider attending this workshop.
By joining us in this session, you will:
Learn how to detect some of the existing threats *yourself* using Bizploit, the first opensource ERP Penetration Testing framework.
Watch several *live* demos to understand how successful exploitations can result in espionage, sabotage and fraud attacks to your organization.
Find out how you can *protect yourself from the detected risks*, improving the security of your platform.
Discover the *latest outcome* from the Onapsis Research Labs, focused on the hot "ERP security" topic.
You do not require any previous SAP knowledge to attend this event. Take-aways: Copy of Bizploit, presentation slides and new knowledge!