Foreign Attacks on Corporate America (How the Federal Government can apply lessons learned from the private sector) presented at BlackHatDC 2006

by Kevin Mandia,


Summary : Throughout his career, Kevin Mandia has worked directly with both the public and private sector to deal with responding to international computer intrusions, theft of intellectual property, electronic discovery issues, and widespread compromise of sensitive data. With the increased level of sophistication and complexity of attacks, along with the increased government regulations surrounding security, we are at an integral point in risk management. Federal government, international corporations and individual home-users are under constant attack. Many of these attacks are originating from foreign lands where the perpetrators are impervious to our laws and legislation. Mr. Mandia discusses the types of attacks and how our clients are responding to these incidents and the technical and legal intricacies of computer forensics when dealing with these cases.
During this presentation, Mr. Mandia discusses emerging trends and technologies that offer strategic approaches to minimize the risks that an organization faces from the liabilities the information age has brought. He will re-enact some of the incidents; provide examples of how these incidents impacted organizations; and discuss the challenges that each organization faced. He will demonstrate the state-of-the-art methods being used to perform Incident Response, and how these methods are not evolving at a pace equal to the threats. He concludes the presentation by outlining the need for new technologies to address these challenges, and what these technologies would offer.