The Era of a Zero-Day Nation-State: Characterising the real threats to our nations critical information systems presented at BlackHatDC 2006

by Tom Parker, Matthew G. Devost,


Summary : Since Tuesday, September 11th 2001, the concept of cyber terrorism has been extensively referenced, speculated over, argued over and discussed by the worlds mass media.
To this day, a finger has yet to be pointed in the direction of a single act of so-called cyber terrorism perhaps one of the many reasons why few seem to truly understand what form the phenomena will manifest itself in, if it indeed exists.
With extensive backgrounds in adversary characterization, vulnerability exploitation, attack analysis and kinetic terrorism; Parker and Devost will go about picking apart what we really know about nation states use of information systems to attack foreign states, the types of highly robust exploits which they might be creating for this very purpose and the likelihood, and circumstances under which they may be used.