Intranet Invasion With Anti-DNS Pinning presented at BlackHatDC 2007

by David Byrne,


Summary : Cross Site Scripting has received much attention over the last several years, although some of its more ominous implications have not. DNS-pinning is a technique web browsers use to prevent a malicious server from hijacking HTTP sessions. Anti-DNS pinning is a newly recognized threat that, while not well understood by most security professionals, is far from theoretical.
This presentation will focus on a live demonstration using anti-DNS pinning techniques to interact with internal servers through a victim web browser, completely bypassing perimeter firewalls. In essence, the victim browser becomes a proxy server for the external attacker. No browser bugs or plug-ins are required to accomplish this, only JavaScript, and untrusted Java applets for more advanced features.
If anyone still thought that perimeter firewalls could protect their intranet servers, this presentation will convince them otherwise.