Iron Chef Blackhat presented at BlackHatDC 2007

by Jacob West, Toshinari Kureha, Brian Chess, Sean Fay,


Summary : Get ready for the code to fly as two masters compete to discover as many security vulnerabilities in a single application as possible. In the spirit of the Food Networks cult favorite show, Iron Chef, our Chairman will reveal the surprise ingredient (the code), and then let the challenger and the Iron Hacker face off in a frenetic security battle. The guest panel will judge the tools created and used to determine which who's hack-fu will be victorious and who will be vanquished.
Remember, our testers have only one hour to complete their challenge and will only be able to use tools they themselves have created. Watch as the masters wield their own weapons. What will they concoct? Who will come out victorious? Which techniques will prove most effective in a high-pressure every-minute-counts environment? Come and see for yourself!
Visit Vulnerability Stadium and watch a fierce battle. Our contestants will have upwards of five minutes to discuss their strategy before the battle begins. The show will be taped live with a studio audience and our co-hosts will provide running commentary, encourage the competitors and judge the results with the audience, based on originality of created tool, presentation of the number of bugs, and creativity of using the tool when searching for vulnerabilities. So Black Hat attendees with an open application and an empty exploit list, I say unto you in the words of my uncle: Hack This!