Investigating Evil Websites with Monkeyspaw: The Greasemonkey Security Professional's Automated Webthinger presented at BlackhatUSA 2006

by Tod Beardsley,

Summary : Monkeyspaw is a unified, single-interface set of security-related website evaluation tools. Implemented in Greasemonkey, its purpose is to automate several common tasks employed during the early steps of an incident investigation involving client-side exploits.
More generally, Monkeyspaw is also intended to demonstrate some of the more interesting data correlation capabilities of Greasemonkey. Hopefully, its release will encourage more security application development in this easy to use, cross-platform, web-ready scripting environment.
About Greasemonkey: Greasemonkey is described as "bookmarklets on crack" by its primary developer, Aaron Boodman. For more details, see his presentation.