Thermoptic Camoflauge: Total IDS Evasion presented at BlackhatUSA 2006

by Brian Caswell, Hd Moore,

Summary : Intrusion detection systems have come a long way since Ptacek and Newsham released their paper on eluding IDS, but the gap between the attackers and the defenders has never been wider. This presentation focuses on the two weakest links in the current generation of intrusion detection solutions: application protocols and resource limitations. Complex protocols often have the most dangerous flaws, yet these protocols are barely supported by most intrusion detection engines. Like any other networking component, intrusion detection gear often has a "fast path" for normal traffic, and a "slow path" for handling exceptions. By seeking out and finding the "slow path", an attacker can control the resource usage of the system and bypass nearly any state engine or signature. This presentation will dive into practical attacks on the current generation of IDS and IPS solutions and demonstrate just how evil a few extra packets can be.