Carrier VoIP Security presented at BlackhatUSA 2006

by Nicolas Fischbach,

Summary : VoIP, IMS, FMC, NGN, PacketCore, MPLS. Put those together and you are looking at the next security nightmare when it comes to Service Provider infrastructure security. Carriers are already moving away from basic data and VoIP services towards the Next Generation Network, where you have one Packet-based Core network which is going to carry "junk" Internet traffic, "secure" Multi-Protocol Label Switching VPNs, "QoS guaranteed" voice, etc. And soon, thanks to new handhelds you'll see more and more Fixed and Mobile Convergence which enables you to roam anywhere inside and outside of the entreprise and access new interactive content thanks to the IP Multimedia Subsystem.
During this talk we will present such an architecture (based on a real large scale deployment with 4 major vendors), the security and architecture challenges we ran (and still run) into, and how we mitigate the risks (denial of service, interception, web apps security, fraud, etc).