Bluetooth Defense Kit presented at BlackhatUSA 2006

by Bruce Potter,

Summary : In the last 3 years, Bluetooth has gone from geeky protocol to an integral part of our daily life. From cars to phones to laptops to printers, Bluetooth is everywhere. And while the state of the art with respect to Bluetooth attack has been progressing, Bluetooth defense has been lagging. For many vendors, the solution to securing Bluetooth is to simply "turn it off." There are very few tools and techniques that can be used today to secure a Bluetooth interface without resorting to such extreme measures.
This talk will examine contemporary Bluetooth threats including attack tools and risk to the user. The meat of this talk will focus on practical techniques that can be employed to lock down Bluetooth on Windows and Linux. Some of these techniques will be configuration changes, some will be proper use of helper applications, and some will be modifications to the Bluez Bluetooth stack designed to make the stack more secure. Finally, we will release the Bluetooth Defense Kit (BTDK), a tool geared towards the end user designed to make Bluetooth security easy to install and maintain on Bluetooth enabled workstations. Ultimately, security tools need to be usable to be useful, and BTDK has been designed with usability in mind.