The Trusted Computing Revolution presented at BlackhatUSA 2006

by Bruce Potter,

Summary : Trusted computing is considered a dirty word by many due to its use for Digital Rights Management (DRM). There is a different side of trusted computing, however, that can solve problems information security professionals have been attempting to solve for more than three decades. Large scale deployment of trusted computing will fundamentally change the threat model we have been using for years when building operating systems, applications, and networks. This talk will examine the history of trusted computing and the current mindset of information security. From there, we will attempt to demystify the trusted computing architecture and give examples of where trusted computing is being used today. Then, we'll discuss how security constructs that we know an love today (such as firewalls and SSL transactions) fundamentally change when a trusted hardware component is added. Finally, new tools will be released to allow users to examine trusted components in their system.