RFID Malware Demystified presented at BlackhatUSA 2006

by Melanie Rieback,

Summary : Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) malware, first introduced in my paper 'Is Your Cat Infected with a Computer Virus?', has raised a great deal of controversy since it was first presented at the IEEE PerCom conference on March 15, 2006. The subject received an avalanche of (often overzealous) press coverage, which triggered a flurry of both positive and negative reactions from the RFID industry and consumers. Happily, once people started seriously thinking about RFID security issues, the ensuing discussion raised a heap of new research questions. This presentation will serve as a forum to address some of these recent comments and questions first-hand; I will start by explaining the fundamental concepts behind RFID malware, and then offer some qualifications and clarifications, separating out "the facts vs. the myth" regarding the real-world implications.