$30, 30 Minutes, 30 Networks presented at BlackhatUSA 2006

by Jonathan Squire,

Summary : Have you ever walked into your local Global Mega Super Tech Store and wondered how cheaply you could build a device that could play your digital music, display pictures, and listen to your neighbor's wireless network?
Project Cowbird is part of an on-going research project to chart the various predators and prey within the information security landscape into a pseudo-ecology. Project Cowbird demonstrates the reuse of a $30 wireless media adapter as a kismet server.
The small form factor of the device, in addition to its abundant hardware features (TV out, PCMCIA slot, prism2 card, 10/100 Ethernet), make the use of this device as a development platform for security tools very intriguing. A brief glimpse into the current and future research of the paper "The Ecology of Information Security" will also be covered.