PANEL: Hacker Court 2006: Sex, Lies and Sniffers presented at BlackhatUSA 2006

by Kevin Bankston, Simple Nomad, Carole Fennelly, Jonathan Klein, Brian Martin, Jesse Kornblum, Paul Ohm, Caitlin Klein, Ryan Bulat, Philip M. Pro, Jack Holleran, Kay Petersen,

Summary : Expertise in computer forensic technology means nothing if that expertise cant be conveyed convincingly to a jury. Presenting technical evidence in a courtroom is a far cry from presenting a technical paper at Black Hat. Sure, a computer professional may understand the importance of full headers in tracing email origins, but a jury has no clue. The real challenge in the field of computer forensics is translating complicated technical evidence in terms your typical grandmother would understand.
This presentation will enact a courtroom environment, complete with judge, attorneys, and witnesses to demonstrate key issues in computer crime cases. While we strive to make case arguments and legal issues as accurate as possible, some liberties are taken to streamline the presentation and keep it entertaining.