PANEL: The Jericho Forum and Challenge presented at BlackhatUSA 2006

by Bob West, Paul Simmonds, Henry Teng, Justin Somaini,

Summary : In the first half of this session, Paul Simmonds will present on behalf of the Jericho Forum taking participants through the initial problem statement and what people need to go away and start implementing. Topics will include:
De-perimeterization - the business imperative
From protocols to accessing the web - the technical issues
What should be implemented today - current and near term solutions
Planning for tomorrow - future solutions and roadmap
The second half on this session will focus on the Jericho Challenge, the format, the rules, the judging format and the prizes followed by a Q&A. The aim with the Jericho Form Challenge is to develop a technology demonstrator with a full year from start to finish. The competition is based on a typical business environment with at least one business application, one legacy application, typical business usage (Web, E-mail and Word Processing) using at least one office PC and one laptop. The finals and judging will occur in 2007.