PANEL: Trillions of Lines of Code and Counting: Securing Applications At Scale presented at BlackhatUSA 2011

by Alex Hutton, Jeremiah Grossman, Brad Arkin, Adrain Lane, John Johnson,

Summary : As the entire computer security industry is fully and painfully aware, applications are the #1 target for malicious attack. Whether we're talking exploitation of Web browsers, file readers, or Web applications, the root of the problem is the same, vulnerable software -- trillions of lines worth of code and counting. Now that almost every person, government, and company is online, it's difficult to imagine a bigger, more challenging, complex, and important problem to solve than application security.
Today, application security is about program execution at a scale large enough to match the threat - and that's the hard part. On an internet-wide scale, how do we go about writing more secure code? How do we deal with the massive backlog of vulnerable code already in wide circulation? What are the best strategies for ensuring code remains secure as threats evolve?
This is but a taste of the questions on the topic that our panelists, all respected experts with relevant field experience, will be ready to discuss.