The Troika of E-Discovery: Ethics, ESI, and Expertise in a Web 2.0 World presented at BlackhatUSA 2011

by Richard Costa,

Summary : A primer of the 20 most recent "e-discovery" legal court decisions concisely covered in 20 minutes.
Aimed toward IT professionals who may find themselves having to produce records if their company is ever sued, who want to hire themselves out as an expert witness, or who who may find themselves unwittingly called to testify in court over a breach of security at their workplace, this talk provides useful insight into how judges view things like server backups, data deletion, and even the use of evidence from Facebook. This practical "cheat sheet" gives real-world examples as to how to gather, use, support, and debunk digital evidence in light of actual court holdings.
For legal professionals who deal with technology cases or any matters of e-discovery, this will bring you up to speed with the most recent case holdings of immediate and practical value.