Executive Women’s Forum Panel and Reception - Sometimes, It Is All Who You Know! presented at BlackHatUSA 2005

by Kelly Hansen, Rhonda E. Maclean, Pamela Fusco, Joyce Brocaglia,

Summary : How strong is your professional network? Do you know who to call upon for support within your company? How about discreet support from outside your company? Building a strong network of support within your company or business is critical for success. The Executive Women’s Forum (EWF) is a group of over 200 of the most senior executive women in information security, risk management and privacy who meet yearly to share experiences and build trust based relationships. The EWF will host a networking event for all women attending Black Hat USA 2005. Come and get to know your peers and past EWF participants. This two-hour workshop will begin with a panel discussion talking about different roads to the top and the importance of networking. The interactive panel will be followed by intense networking and a reception. Learn more about the about the EWF at http://www.infosecuritywomen.com