Google Hacking for Penetration Testers presented at BlackHatUSA 2005

by Johnny Long,


Summary : Google Hacking returns for more guaranteed fun this year at Blackhat USA! If you haven’t caught one of Johnny’s Google talks, you definitely should. Come and witness all the new and amazing things that can be done with Google. All new for BH USA 2005, Johnny reveals basic and advanced search techniques, basic and advanced hacking techniques, multi-engine attack query morphing, and zero-packet target foot printing and recon techniques. Check out Google’s search-blocking tactics (and see them bypassed), and learn all about using Google to locate targets Google doesn’t even know about! But wait, there’s more! Act now and Johnny will throw in the all new “Google Hacking Victim Showcase, 2005” loaded with tons of screenshots (and supporting queries) of some of the most unfortunate victims of this fun, addictive and deadly form of Internet nastiness. Think you’re too über to be caught in a Google talk? Fine. Prove your badness. Win the respect of the audience by crushing the live Google Hacking contest! Submit your unique winning query by the end of the talk to win free books from Syngress Publishing and other cool gear! Or don’t. Just listen to your friends rave about it. Whatever.

Johnny Long: I’m a Christian, Hacker, Author, Pirate and Ninja. Johnny's bios (like Johnny himself) sometimes go missing. Something resembling both can be found at