Long Range RFID and its Security Implications presented at BlackHatUSA 2005

by Kevin Mahaffey, Mark Mcgovern, Paul Simmonds, Jon Callas,

URL : http://www.blackhat.com/presentations/bh-usa-05/bh-us-05-mahaffey.pdf

Summary : An RFID tagged pallet of expensive electronics was just rerouted to a warehouse where a team of hackers proceed to load it onto a truck. Nobody entered the shipyard. Sound impossible? Not Anymore.
Long Range RFID will briefly explore the physics and technology behind the operation of RFID systems while highlighting the security issues surrounding widely deployed passive transponders. Our talk will go further to demonstrate custom designed hardware that can perform a denial of service attack against RFID readers and exploit passive transponders from distances never thought possible. We will explore the impact of RFID security issues in both current supply chain usages and the highly criticized deployment of RFID in passports, government-issued identification, currency, and post-supply-chain consumer goods. Finally, we will expand into a panel discussion about the future of RFID policy and security including industry leaders Mark McGovern, security lead for In-Q-Tel, Paul Simmonds, CSO of ICI, and Jon Callas (proposed), CTO of PGP Corporation.