Researching secrets. presented at BlackHatWindows 2001

by James Bamford,

Summary : BOOKS: The Puzzle Palace: A Report On NSA, America's Most Secret Intelligence Agency. (Houghton Mifflin and Viking Penguin) An investigation of the largest, most hidden and most important U.S. intelligence agency. The book became a national bestseller and won the Investigative Reporters and Editors Book-of-the-Year Award. In February 1998 Washingtonian magazine called it a monument to investigative journalism.
Body of Secrets: Anatomy of the Ultrasecret NSA, From the Cold War to the Dawn of a New Century. (Doubleday) A sequel to The Puzzle Palace, the new book takes a close look at NSA from the Cuban Missile Crisis and Vietnam to the present controversy over Echelon. (Due out in April 2001).
TELEVISION: Washington Investigative Producer, ABC News, World News Tonight with Peter Jennings. For nine years, until 1998, I was responsible for long-term, in-depth investigative stories from concept to final airing. The stories have covered a wide range in both topics and geography, from White House scandals to locating spies in Cold War Europe to finding murderers in the Middle East. Many involved complicated investigations in difficult areas of the world, such as locating principal figures involved in the Clinton campaign finance scandal hiding from U.S. authorities in China. I am also the recipient of numerous television reporting awards, including the Overseas Press Club Award for Excellence and the Society of Professional Journalists Deadline Award for the Best Investigative Reporting in Television.
MAGAZINES: I have written on investigative topics for many national magazines, including the cover story on the Iran-contra affair for the New York Times Magazine, the cover on the Russian shoot down of Korean Air Lines 007 for The Washington Post Magazine and the cover on the Mafia for the Los Angeles Times Magazine.
CRITICISM: I have written dozens of op ed pieces and book reviews for the New York Times, The Washington Post, and the Los Angeles Times.
CONGRESS: I have testified on intelligence and secrecy issues before committees of both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.
EDUCATION: Juris Doctor degree.