Defense in Depth: Winning in Spite of Yourself (aka "Foiling JD") presented at BlackHatWindows 2001

by David Leblanc, Eric Schultz,

Summary : David LeBlanc is a Senior Technologist for Microsoft Corporate Security. He works on Microsoft's internal red team doing penetration testing and writing internal-use security tools. Prior to joining Microsoft, he worked at Internet Security Systems and led the team which produced the Windows NT version of the Internet Scanner. Dr. LeBlanc has a B.S. and M.S. in Aerospace Engineering, and a Doctorate in Environmental Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Despite not having a way-cool title like "Guru", "Visionary", "Senior Wizard", or "Grand Wazoo", he thinks he has the most fun job at Microsoft.
Eric Schultze is a Security Program Manager for the Microsoft Security Response Center where he receives first hand reports of potential security vulnerabilities via Prior to joining Microsoft, Eric managed the security training programs at Foundstone, worked at SecurityFocus as a Director of Microsoft content, and worked for several BigX firms doing security penetration assessments. Having a liberal arts degree from Amherst College, Eric doesn't consider himself a true geek, but still likes to think of David Leblanc as his long lost brother.