$teaing with BGP presented at BlackHatWindows 2003

by Stephen Dugan,

Summary : This talk will illustrate the vast amount of harm that could be done IF the BGP routing tables were manipulated. BGP, the routing protocol used between ISPs, is used to maintain the routing and Autonomous System Path information throughout the entire internet. Currently there are around 120,000 networks, subnets, and aggregates in the BGP tables. The inadequacies of BGP-4 have been obvious since a time shortly after being drawn up on a napkin. If we continue to use BGP as-is we will suffer much bigger problems than what happened with AS7007 (Florida ISP took down most /24 prefixes). S-BGP has been in draft form for much too long. BGP can be effectively used for DoS attacks, Server Masquerading, or bring down large sections of the internet. By illustrating the most harmful possibilities of BGP misuse, we might be able to push for a better BGP solution today.