They'll never see it coming! presented at BlackHatWindows 2004

by Stephen Dugan,

Summary : This talk will focus on the dangers of unprotected routing protocols. By injecting a route into a companies or ISPs routing table we can assume the identity of ANY internet site. Worse the affected site has no countermeasure or method of detection that the attack is occurring. There will be a step-by-step demo with a Cisco Network showing this attack.
We will be asking for audience participation, so bring your laptop and wireless card. During the demo you will be able to watch as the site is hijacked with route injection.
Stephen Dugan is currently an independent contract instructor and network engineer. He has been teaching Cisco networking for the last 3 years focusing on Router and Switch configuration, Voice/Data integration, and Network Security. His students come mostly from Fortune 500 companies and large service providers. He also teaches private internal classes to Cisco Employees. As a Sr. Network Engineer he has worked on the design and implementation of large enterprise, government contractor, and service provider networks. He is also working on a new series of security books entitled "Hacker Attacktecs." The first three planned books will cover Windows, Unix/Linux, and Cisco exploits and how to defend against them.