Money for nothing and long distance for phree presented at BSidesLondon 2010

by Sandro Gauci,

Summary : VoIP and security have a hard time sitting on the same sentence. This presentation will look at the trends in VoIP hacking, the attacks and state of the scene.
My presentation will feature:
a) demos how easy it is for a cyber criminal to make phone calls off vulnerable providers
b) a look at my VoIP honeypot and what it's gathering
c) how common VoIP web applications help cyber crime
d) using SHODAN for VoIP research
e) auto-provisioning security mess (i.e. download your passwords off TFTP)
f) a look at Cisco world
g) lessons learnt from developing SIPVicious
.. the list goes on and on depending on the time allocated.
My presentations feature demos and technical content for the whole family.