Practical VOIP/SIP Hacking presented at DeepSec 2007

by Klaus Darilion,

Summary : This training teaches you how you can hack typical SIP provider setups. For this, we take a look at SIP and analyze weak points, which will be our potential point of attack. We further take a look at the most used SIP products (ser/openser, Asterisk, Cisco Gateway). This products can be operated in a secure way when configured properly, but often serive providers do not know about the potential weakness thus giving hackers a chance. Typical hacking goals are: - authentication bypass - achieve free calling - make DoS attacks against the VoIP service - identity spoofing The training will be split into a theoretical part and a practical part. The theoretical part will teach the relevant details of the SIP protocol and the potential attack scenarios. The practical part shows how to detect vulnerabilities and presents tools to ease hacking. The hacking is done against a virtual SIP Service Provider (a SIP proxy and a gateway in a typical SIP provider setup).