The RFID Guardian presented at DeepSec 2007

by Melanie Rieback,

Summary : This talk will present the design and implementation of the RFID Guardian, the first-ever unified platform for RFID security and privacy administration. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags are remotely-powered data carriers, that are often touted as "computers of the future", that bring intelligence to our homes and offices, optimize our supply chains, and keep a watchful eye on our pets, livestock, and kids. The RFID Guardian resembles an "RFID firewall", enabling individuals to monitor and control access to their RFID tags by combining a standard-issue RFID reader with unique RFID tag emulation capabilities. Our system provides a platform for coordinated usage of RFID security mechanisms, offering fine-grained control over RFID-based auditing, key management, access control, and authentication capabilities. We have prototyped the RFID Guardian using off-the-shelf components; compatible with the ISO 15693/14443 (13.56 MHz) RFID standards, it performs RFID tag emulation and selective RFID tag jamming.