I Am Not a Doctor but I Play One on Your Network presented at Defcon19 2011

by Tim Elrod, Stefan Morris,

Summary : How secure is your Protected Health Information? This talk will expose the world of Health Information Systems with an in depth technical review of their common protocols and technologies. Many of these life-critical systems had once relied on the security provided by air gapped medical networks. Recently, in an effort to realize savings and further share health information, medical systems have moved onto interconnected networks, opening them up to a plethora of attacks. We believe these systems have not had adequate research performed against them due to high cost and relatively low availability. Our talk will not only reveal weaknesses we have discovered in medical protocols but will create a foundation of knowledge for researchers who want to continue investigation of these systems. We will release findings and vulnerabilities that were discovered during the course of this research as well as fuzzers designed to allow penetration testers and researchers to further assess healthcare specific protocols for security vulnerabilities. We will take a look at healthcare specific hardware and discuss vulnerabilities related to these devices including prescription dispensing drug cabinets and the ability to dispense scheduled substances without authentication, authorization, or accounting. Finally, we will discuss how the impact of vulnerabilities on healthcare systems have changed with the introduction of large health information repositories such as the Google Health and Microsoft Health Vault as well as with countless regional and national Health Information Exchanges.