Represent! Defcon Groups, Hackerspaces, and You. presented at Defcon19 2011

by Itzik Kotler, Anarchy Angel, Anch , Blakdayz , Ngharo , Jake "genericsuperhero" Black, Converge ,

Summary : Fabricating, circumventing, forging, partying, milling, crafting, building breaking — Defcon Groups have risen, fallen, and endured the last 8 years as decentralized and smoldering embers of the local hacker think-tank. This year Defcon sets out to stoke that fire and unite our groups, at and outside of the conference. The talk will consist of a panel of Defcon Groups leaders, uncovering the secrets and follies of several groups: what makes them work, when do they fail, and ultimately .. WTF have these people been doing all this time? Come hear how hackerspaces have influenced these local groups and the cool ways that these groups are propping the hackerspace. What can you break?